AARP Chapter 1917

Ocean City, Maryland
Since 1974

Our History

At a meeting of senior citizens in Berlin, Maryland, in early 1974, a number of people spoke of the need for a local chapter of AARP.  A committee of eight was chosen to contact state and national officials of AARP.

After achieving the required number to form a chapter (40), officers and a board of directors were elected in November 1974 and a charter was granted.  Back then, our chapter was the only one in the county, so we were called "Worcester County Chapter 1917".  Now we are the Ocean City chapter, but we still serve members throughout the area. 

Since that time, Chapter 1917 has been an integral part of the Ocean City area, involving itself in all facets of community life.            

This page is a "work in progress" and will grow over time.  If any of our readers have old newspaper articles, photographs, travel literature , or any other documents related to our chapter's history, please contact the chapter Historian, Mary Ann LeMay, at a chapter meeting, or contact the webmaster, Garry Fox, at 443-664-2396.

Click on the links below for various historical documents:   

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- Officers and Board Members - 1974 to 2014

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- 1992 - Holiday Luncheon and Installation of Officers

- 1993 - 19th Anniversary Booklet

- 1994 - 20th Anniversary Booklet

- 1999 - 25th Anniversary Booklet

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- Minutes of Membership Meetings from prior years

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- Speakers from prior years

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- Files Turnover - New Historian - February 25, 2015